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GET THE GOD'S VISION FOR YOUR LIFE GOD WILL PROVIDE THE PROVISION YOU NEED. The poorest man on the earth, is not the man with no money, but the man with no sight and vision. God gives sight to the blind and restores vision. The desire of God is to give to you the righteous,
the desires of your heart. Ask the Lord to touch your eyes and give to you vision. Call me or send me an email and I will pray for you for your vision in your life.  
God is looking for men and women…. Who fear nothing but God. Who are totally committed to God, regardless of what others think or say. Who desire, above everything else, an intimacy with the Lord. Who are prepared to break with tradition for the sake of obedience. Who won’t sell out to fame or fortune. Who have died to carnal ambitions. Who no longer measure their success by the world’s standards. God is looking for men and women of maturity…. But there is no maturity because there is no birth There is no birth because there is no pregnancy There is no pregnancy because there is no conception. There is no conception because there is no intimate relationship There is no intimate relationship because we busy ourselves seeking satisfaction apart from God Never make negative statements about yourself. Others may do that, but there is no need for you to. Get desperate for GOD for to touch and impregnate you with His Holy Spirit. Get ready to conceive the things of GOD. The time is now  - draw near to God and He will draw near to you.


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