So many business leaders need prayer partners and the prophetic Word of The Lord for their every day work life.

The challenge is there are very few prophets and intercessors who are standing as watchmen on the walls for business leaders.

Throughout history prophets and intercessors have been called on to enquire from the Lord concerning situations.

The plan and purpose of PBL is to be the prophet and intercessor to modern day kings.

We desire to see the work of the kings (Business Leaders) bring Glory to God.

We at PBL are committed to serving business leaders with prayer and prophetic insight.

Our vision is two fold.

  1. Business leaders will grow and be successful in business dedicated Holy unto God.
  2. We will see the expansion of the Kingdom of God according to Is. 61.

Our mission is two fold.

  1. To cover you in prayer and prophetic insight.
  2. To support the widows, orphans and refugees.

You will receive prayer support, prophetic insights, networking preferences, regular market place teaching, networking and the blessing of supporting widows orphans and refugees through PBL.



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