Amos 5:4

“For so says Jehovah to the house of Israel: Seek Me, and you shall live.”

“I am a passionate God. I am passionate for you. I am jealous for you. I love you and I will not share you with any other. My Love to you is great. I sent you My Son who died, was buried and rose again for you. I love you. 
Now draw near to Me and see what I will do. Get passionate for Me and come away with Me to the secret place and let me birth in you My Word. You will give birth to the secret things that I have for you. Come and get passionate with Me. Draw near to Me this day. Come aside and seek My face and I will open wide the windows of blessing to you and through you. The things that have been dormant in you will come to life as My presence envelopes you. Get desperate for Me, get passionate for Me and come away with Me. Come to the secret place and I will show you My Glory.”

My prayer for you is: Lord God, I pray for your child today. Draw them into Your presence. Even now, come Lord and touch them. Let this week be an awesome time in Your presence. Father God, I pray that Your Holy Spirit will come upon them and direct them in the path of Life. The Path of blessing that causes Your Name to be exalted. Lord God, I ask You to draw them into deep worship and close intimacy with You, the place where vision is birthed and Your promises are conceived. Come Lord God and touch your child today. Amen

PLEASE PRAY THIS PRAYER OVER YOURSELF. Father God, I choose to draw near to You. I choose to seek Your face above everything else in my life. I choose to place You first in my thoughts and in my heart. You are a Holy God and today I worship You. I exalt You and lift Your Name on high. I love You and bless You. Thank you Father God that You have touched me and put in my heart a passion for You. Teach me the art of loving You. Teach me how to dance with You. Teach me Your ways so that my life will bring Glory to You. Amen


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