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1) In all honesty, God chose me and allowed me to take this course. I had no prior knowledge what the Prophetic Ministry was all about. I felt it would be nice to do this course as it would fill my Tuesday evenings. My whole life has changed and been transformed because of it!
I believe God wanted me to take this course because He wanted me to come to a place where firstly I could hear His voice. I truly believe that God orchestrated events in my life so that I could come back to Lusaka and experience this season in my life, so that He could speak into my life. I have gained a spiritual mentor in my life for the first time.
God allowed my mentor, Aunt Gisela to speak His Truth into my life and I believe the aim of all this was so that I could receive inner healing from this course, I have gained wisdom, a very deep understanding of the Prophetic. I have also been grounded so much in my doctrinal beliefs through having to read so much scripture. (Wana)
(This student is referring to Curse to Blessing which I included in this Course).

2) God has confirmed his calling over my life through many people. His purpose for my life has been revealed to me. Doing this course was a choice so that I may be equipped, mentored, taught and imparted with knowledge of Prophecy. I wanted to know and draw closer to God and to be able to function and be effective which I have over this period of time learned. I believe that God had it planned for me.
My spiritual life has grown since having started this course. God has revealed himself greater and greater as I have learned to attentively hear and know his voice. My prayer time and methods have changed and I believe God is still working within me to greatness of His glory! I have been able to apply my bible into my life thereby helping me live like Christ did and wants me to live. I have benefited spiritually as the word is food for my spirit and even physically. The way I relate to other people, to situations and emotions personally have not been the same as before. My eyes, mind and ears have been opened to the calling of God over my life. His word through this course has changed my heart and character. (Sylvester) (Prophet in the making)

3) My reason for doing this course if that I felt that the Lord has called me into this Ministry and so I needed to be equipped and matured in His word, as well as the Prophetic Ministry.
It has helped me grow spiritually and emotionally in terms of the word and as a Christian. On this Course I have been able to identify with my calling and giftings and grow in them. Before I took this course I did not understand what was happening to me or myself, but during the course I found myself and I now understand my calling.
At this point I am able to stand boldly and deliver a Prophetic word. I now know how to identify the Prophetic calling with others and prophetic people. (Muzala) very Prophetic, learning the ropes!

4) I chose to do this course mainly because I understood that it was God’s will for me to do it. In the past I have struggled with my gift of Prophecy and I felt that I needed proper guidance about how to use this God given gift effectively.
This course was a Huge blessing for me. I was able to use my gift in a wonderful way. For the first time I felt I am really doing something in the kingdom of God.
My personal walk with the Lord has become stronger and I hear God daily. The scripture has come alive for me and God has started to reveal great and mighty things.
I have been able to counsel and guide my friends and relatives through the knowledge I received from the course and mainly by waiting on God to see what He has to say to them. Personally I am a changed or transformed person. (Shary)
This lady is a (Prophetess)

5) I chose to do this Prophetic course because I wanted to Galvarnize all the things I have done so far in my walk with Christ in a well packaged Form. What I know and I am persuaded fully is that I am called in this office function of Prophetic Ministry. It is a fulfilment of so many Visions and Dreams I have had also some prophetic assignments I have carried out, words spoken over my life and God fearing people.
I have most certainly and graciously Benefited from this course. I have sharpened my Discernment Gift and I have spend many beautiful hours in God’s presence. I have also been told by some of my colleagues and family that they have seen a rapid growth and understanding in the things of God. They are many opportunities that present themselves for me to give a word of encouragement, knowledge, wisdom and blessing, sharing the love of God. Also knowing when to step out and actually do what the Holy Spirit is saying or taking a Leap of Faith for God’s sake. Personally, even when I am on duty as service leader (MC) I am able to share a word or pray and not be embarrassed to be broken and love God, love Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit free reign in my life! Amen! (Kathryn)
This lady is very Bold, fearless to do Prophetic acts. Another (Prophetess)

6) When this course came along it was the perfect solution for me in helping me to be confident in discerning when I’ve heard from God.
Whilst I was doing the course, I realised that God had been giving me pictures that I had become accustomed to so much so that I just thought it was my own imagination. Doing this course has helped me recognise that those images and STOP and seek interpretation for them.
I was also surprised that getting a Prophetic word was as simple as asking. Looking through my assignments, I have been amazed at some of what God told me during this course. I definitely have more confidence now. The challenge is now to continue in the same sprunt and not to forget what I have learned. (Tatenda) Still learning!

7) In all honesty, at first it was because I was curious to know what it was really about!
Before Bible School then later Prophetic Class I did not know the significant role it would play in my life. But now its become apparent to me and I am glad I chose the Prophetic Course.
One Major thing I have benefited is Spiritual Growth. I have learnt to hear God and mainly the importance of hearing HIM. Its funny really because now I see that God spoke all along, I just did not LISTEN! Was it hard recognising His voice? Yes
but now I know it is my God speaking rather than my (crazy) thoughts.
I have seen that there is more to the Kingdom than I thought. As a worshipper also I have learned to depend solely on God. It not about me and really there is little I can do because ALL the worship is about and for HIM – Phew what a weight lifted! (Sharron)
This young lady has huge potential, has such a passion for God!

8) I joined the course because I wanted a deeper knowledge of how to know more on the prophetic and how we can apply it in our own lives as we are all called to Prophesy! And just to have that spiritual growth if I want to grow and to be a blessing to the body of Christ!
It gave me deeper knowledge on studying the word and just being disciplined. It has changed my whole mindset that I don’t have to depend or run for a WORD to Others, I have changed in my attitude towards prophesy, and I am much more alert and aware of False Prophets.
I have never studied the Bible back and forth looking for scripture, during our assignments I realized the importance of the word. It has truly changed me!! (Natalie)
(such a gifted, colourful, talented sister in Christ). (hospitality is her forte’)

9) I chose to do this prophetic course because I wanted to learn and know more about the prophetic and also how it would help me walk closer with God and to hear His voice clearer! All this has happened and my Faith, has been growing and developing each and every day. Sooo glad I did it. I have benefited so much in doing this course. Personally I was a person who used to hold onto the past and the School of Prophetic Ministry has helped me to let go and let God and leave the past in the tomb and embrace the future that is in the womb. The course helped me to have a closer relationship with God and to know that I know its God who is speaking. (God’s Gal Nina) (Another student who benefited from Curse to Blessing which was including in the Course).


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