Our Mission

  1. We seek to affirm God as Lord of all of our lives including our work.

  2. We wish to support and serve Christians in business leadership by applying biblical principles to our businesses and workplaces.

  3. We wish to support and serve Christians in business leadership by providing prophetic insight to our businesses and workplaces.

  4. We want our members to build successful businesses which honor God.

  5. We will be partners to each other in Christ and in business through the breakfast meetings, prophetic business meetings  and through smaller groups such as the support groups for business owners and Senior Managers.

  6. We will see improvement in our businesses in commercial results, in contentment of our associates and in stewardship of the world’s resources.

  7. We will demonstrate godliness in our work place to our associates, employees, customers and suppliers in order to make every opportunity to present the Gospel message.

  8. We will start groups in new locations led by faithful motivated leaders enabling greater access to this ministry.

  9. We are committed to prayer.

  10.  Work is our calling.

  11.  We acknowledge divine inspiration from God and supreme authority of the Bible, which are the Logos and Rhema Word of God.

  12. We are seeking to integrate Biblical principles to all aspects of business practice in our spheres of influence.

  13. We welcome people from all denominations.

  14.  We seek to complement the body of the local church.


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