Our Purpose Is To Provide:

  1. Prophetic counsel and insight into the lives of the business leaders, their families and staff.

  2. Time and priority for prayer for specific needs.

  3. Accountability to work business on God’s agenda.

  4. Spiritual principals and values for Kingdom finance.

  5. A confidential support group to explore all areas of business.

  6. Opportunity for accountability through close relationships.

  7. An opportunity to develop close and supportive relationships.

  8. Affirmation of God’s call to the workplace and explore how this is outworked.

  9. Encouragement towards quality time planning with families, to achieve a balance of family and work life.

  10. Radical cutting teaching and encouragement on business trends, technology and applications to promote biblical practice.


©2017  PROPHETIC Equipping Ministry / Business Leaders is maintained by Mark Visser

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