Vision of Prophetic Business Leaders

    1. We will be partners to each other in Christ and in business through the breakfast meetings and through smaller groups such as the Support Groups for Business Owners and Senior Managers.

    2. We will be trend setters and entrepreneurs enquiring from God for new discoveries, new creative business ways and market place leaders.

    3. We will see improvement in our businesses in commercial results, in contentment of our associates and in stewardship of the world’s resources.

    4. We will seek prophetic direction from the Lord for ourselves and for each other.

    5. We will stand as prophetic watchmen and intercessors for each other.

    6. We will not be enslaved to the god of money. We will be Prophetic Business Leaders not making decisions based on our finance resources, rather making decisions based on the Word of God.

    7. We will demonstrate the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our work place to our associates, employees, customers and suppliers in order to make every opportunity to present the Word of God to every one.

    8. We will pray and support Prophetic Business Leaders enabling credibility and integrity with Christian Business Leaders.

    9. We are committed to prayer and reading the Word of God.

    10. We are committed to our Christian priorities:
        • Intimacy with God
        • Spouse
        • Children
        • Work / Vocation
        • Church
        • Community and missions


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